Dance Services

If your shoes don't fit well, you can't dance well.

It may sound simple, but it's a fact. At Dance & Feet, we know how to make sure your shoes feel as good as perfecting a pirouette.

It isn't just measuring the length and width of your foot. For proper fit, a pointe shoe should be snug, smooth to the foot with very little room for "growth". There are literally thousands of sizing combinations for pointe shoes with different toe boxes, shank support, heal height and vamp. Improperly fitting dance shoes can cause pain, be difficult to dance in and potentially cause injury.

We know how to fit your dance shoes to give you the most comfort and great performance. Stop by today and see how.


Shoe Fitting Policy

We provide free shoe fitting with any shoe purchase.

However, if you want us to fit your shoes without a shoe purchase, our fitting fees are $10.00 for lyrical, ballet, jazz and tap shoes. Pointe shoes have a $25.00 fitting fee.

Why? We know some people will come and have us fit their dance shoes then purchase their shoes elsewhere. Dance shoes, unlike a pair of tennis shoes, require a proper fit to avoid discomfort or even injury. And in the case of pointe shoes, a proper fit is even more critical with several hundred possible combinations of sizes available. Our skills and tecniques make sure you will be fitted properly.

And fitting dance shoes takes time. Time that we are happy to share with you free of charge when you shop with Dance & Feet.