About Dance & Feet

  • We are here... just for you

    It started because there was a need in Roanoke. There was no place where dancers could get the shoes, clothes and the supplies they need in the styles they want. That's why I opened Dance & Feet.

    I own Ardell Stone School of Dancing, and although we share the same building, Dance & Feet is seperate from the dance studio. So no matter where you dance, we welcome you to our dance boutique. I still teach dance every day, and want to make sure all dancers of every level have access to the tools they need to dance.

    Please stop by today and see how boutique shopping for dancewear and supplies can help make you excited for dance classs.

    -Lynn Hungate

  • Business Policies

    Returns and Refunds.

    We do NOT offer refunds. We offer store credit when items are returned in unused condition, with tags attached or in original packaging, within 10 days of purchases. Your store credit is good for one year from date of purchase.

    Why?  It's pretty simple.  We know you have options that may be slightly less expensive if you buy online.  But when you buy online, there is no guarantee on size, fit, color or style.  Buying based on a photo can be risky.  And when it comes to dance shoes, fit matters- a lot.  Too small will hurt your child's feet.  Too big and they're going to trip.  When you purchase at Dance & Feet, you will be sized by a professional and your child's shoes will fit properly.

    Amazingly, there are people who will come in, have a pair of shoes fitted, buy them, and try to return them 30 minutes later (after finding them online, so they can save a few dollars.)  It would be hard for us to stay in business if we just provided a free shoe fitting services (see below).

    Returned Check Fee

    There is a $35.00 returned check fee for any item returned by your bank.


  • Shoe fitting policy

    We provide free shoe fitting with any shoe purchase.

    However, if you want us to fit your shoes without a shoe purchase, our fitting fees are $10.00 for lyrical, ballet, jazz and tap shoes. Pointe shoes have a $25.00 fitting fee.

    Why? We know some people will come and have us fit their dance shoes then purchase their shoes elsewhere. Dance shoes, unlike a pair of tennis shoes, require a proper fit to avoid discomfort or even injury. And in the case of pointe shoes, a proper fit is even more critical with several hundred possible combinations of sizes available. Our skills and tecniques make sure you will be fitted properly.

    And fitting dance shoes takes time. Time that we are happy to share with you free of charge when you shop with Dance & Feet.

  • Other Clothing Return Policy

    Under no circumstances can we accept returns on tights. Other dancewear is subject to our standard return policy posted to the left.